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Barbara Ratzenböck visits Trent

Last weekend we hosted Barbara Ratzenböck, a doctoral candidate from the Centre for Inter-American Studies at the University of Graz. On Friday morning we held a research café at which Barbara gave a captivating talk titled “Walking Interviews in Small Domestic Spaces.”

This fascinating methodological reflection offered insights based on research-in-progress with older women and their multidimensional experiences with information and communication technologies.Saturday evening, we held a film screening and social and Barbara presented Shifting Perspectives, a film she created with Pavel Mezihorák. The film explores what happened when 87 students and 10 professors from more than 30 countries came together for two weeks to discuss global academic, political, economic, religious, and cultural issues. Shifting Perspectives offers personal experiences across the lifecourse regarding change, time, and identities. The film was produced by the Centre for Inter-American Studies (University of Graz) and the Centre for Austrian Studies (University of Minnesota).

Watch the trailer here.

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