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Aging Activisms community


Interested in contributing to an Aging Activisms Community QuaranZINE?

A zine, pronounced “zeen” (like the end of the word maga'zine'), is a homemade booklet

that falls somewhere between a newsletter and a magazine. There are no rules for making zines! A zine can be about anything or anyone you’re interested in. The content and appearance of a zine is completely up to you and can be as simple or as complicated as you want - zines can include doodles, lyrics, photos, art, instructions, poems, recipes - anything!

quaranZINE will be a collaborative zine, documenting and archiving our projects, thoughts, memories, activities, and/or feelings during this time. As there's no "one" or "right" way to make a zine, I thought this format would be a welcoming way to invite all sorts of folks who might want to contribute to a group project - whether it's a poem, a drawing, a favourite recipe you've been cooking, a description of an activity you like to do or have recently picked up - all of these fit so nicely in a zine! I've had such fun trying out and getting messy while making different zines in the past - what I quite like is that zines can be shared amongst us (even if we're currently physically distant) - we'll each have our own copy of all the fabulous contributions! In a way, then, this quaranZINE can be one small tool to bring a sense of connection among us - even if we're not able to physically gather in community.


If you're interested in contributing a page or two towards an Aging Activisms community zine - please be in touch with nicole ( She'll collect everyone's page(s) and can create a zine with each person's contribution - and can then mail you a copy of the community zine! If you're interested in working with the layout, we can also organize  

a group Zoom chat to decide on the layout collaboratively.   


Want to know more about zines? The fine folks at put 
this wonderful pdf about all things zines.         

Contribute to the zine, or reach out to learn more!

Thanks for submitting!

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