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Below is a list of publications that have come out of the Aging Activisms research.
If you are interested in reading any of the pieces, email us at!



Chazan, May, Melissa Baldwin, and Pat Evans. Eds. 2018. Unsettling Activisms: Critical Interventions on Aging, Gender, and Social Change. Toronto: Women's Press / Canadian Scholars Press. Check out the introduction here.

Chazan, May. 2015. The Grandmothers’ Movement: Solidarity and Survival in the Time of AIDS. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Chazan, May, Lisa Helps, Anna Stanley, and Sonali Thakkar. Eds. 2011. Home and Native Land: Unsettling Multiculturalism in Canada. Toronto: Between the Lines Press. 



Chazan, May. 2023. Crip Time and Radical Care in/as Artful Politics. In Special Issue: Rethinking Artful Politics: Bodies of Difference Remaking Body Worlds. Social Sciences. Find It here.

Chazan, May, and Madeline Whetung. 2022“Carving a future out of the past and the present”: Rethinking aging futures. Journal of Aging Studies. Find It here.

Chazan, May, and Melissa Baldwin. 2021. Queering generativity and futurity: LGBTQ2IA+ stories of resistance, resurgence, and resilience. International Journal of Ageing and Later Life. Find It here.

Chazan, May, and Melissa Baldwin. 2020. Learning to be refused: exploring refusal, consent and care in storytelling research. Postcolonial Studies. Find it here.

Chazan, May. 2020. Ode to Odenabe: Intergenerational storytelling and the art of making. Anthropology & Aging 41(1): 95-106. Find it here.

Chazan, May, and Jenn Cole. 2020. Making memory sovereign/ making sovereign memory. Memory StudiesFind it here.

Chazan, May, and Melissa Baldwin. 2020. Granny Solidarity: Understanding Age and Generational Dynamics in Climate Justice Movements. Studies in Social Justice. Find it here.


Chazan, May, and Melissa Baldwin. 2020. Grannies, Rockers, and Oil Rigs: Mobilizing Age in Intersectional Climate Justice Alliances. In Gendering Globalization, Globalizing Gender: Postcolonial Perspectives, edited by Gül Çaliskan. Oxford University Press. Find it here.

Chazan, May. 2019. Unsettling aging futures: challenging colonial-normativity in social gerontology. International Journal of Ageing and Later LifeFind it here.


Chazan, May. 2019. Making home on Anishinaabe lands: storying settler activisms in Nogojiwanong (Peterborough, Canada). Settler Colonial StudiesFind it here.


Chazan, May, and Maddy Macnab. 2018. Doing the feminist intergenerational mic: Digital storytelling methodology as social change praxis. FORUM: Qualitative Social Research 19(2). Find it here. 

Chazan, May. 2017. Contingent meanings, shifting practices: Grandmother to grandmother solidarity as transnational feminist praxis. Gender, Place, Culture. Find it here.

Chazan, May, and Melissa Baldwin. 2017. Understanding the complexities of contemporary feminist activism: How the lives of older women activists contest the waves narrative. Feminist Formations 28(3), 70-94. Find it here.

Chazan, May, and Stephanie Kittmer. 2016. Defying, producing, and overlooking stereotypes? The complexities of mobilizing “grandmotherhood” as political strategy. Journal of Women and Aging, Vol 29 (1). Find it here.

Chazan, May. 2016. Settler solidarities as praxis: Understanding “granny activism” beyond highly-visible. Journal of Social Movement StudiesFind it here.


Chazan, May, Melissa Baldwin, and Laura Madokoro. 2015. Aging, activism, and the archive: Feminist perspectives for the 21st Century. Archivaria 80: 59-87. Find it here.

Chazan, May. 2013. Everyday mobilizations among grandmothers in South Africa: Survival, support and social change in the era of HIV/AIDS. Ageing and Society, November 2013, pp 1-25. Find it here.

Chazan, May, and Laura Madokoro. 2012. Social justice, rights, and dignity: A call for a critical feminist framework. Trudeau Foundation Papers: 4 (2). 

Chazan, May. 2008. Seven ‘deadly’ assumptions: Unpacking the implications of HIV/AIDS among grandmothers in South Africa and beyond. Ageing & Society 28: 935-958. Find it here.


Chazan, May, Jillian Ackert, and Melissa Baldwin. 2020. Imagining our futures: Community report. Find it here.


Berry Merriam, Dawn, May Chazan, and Anisah Madden. 2018. Stories of Aging Advocacy, Activist Aging, and Community Change: Documenting the Lives and Perspectives of Older Change-Makers in Nogojiwanong/ Peterborough (Ontario). Community dissemination report. Find it here.


Chazan, May, Melissa Baldwin, and Jesse Whattam. 2016. Activisms across women’s lives: Rethinking the politics of (grand)mothering, Preliminary analysis of activist oral histories, 2013-15. Community dissemination report. Find it here.

Chazan, May, and Melissa Baldwin. 2014. “We were raised to believe we could move mountains”: GRAN Report, Preliminary Findings. Community dissemination report. Find it here.


Media Collections

Storying Aging Futures: Critical reflections from an intergenerational storytelling project. First screened at Digital Americas 2021, Graz Austria. Transcript.


Storying Activisms: Reshaping Cultural Imaginings of Aging. First screened at the opening plenary of TrentAging2019. 


Stories of Resistance, Resurgence, and Resilience. 2018, 2017, 2016. Digital story collections. 

Manifesting Resistance: Conversations about Intergenerational Memory Work across 'the Americas'. 2018. In collaboration with cMAS and Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda. Digital story collection. 

Solidarity Weekend: Nogojiwanong. 2017. Video analysis triptych. 

Montreal Media Capsules. 2016. In collaboration with ACT and Kim Sawchuk. Digital story collection.

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