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Emma Langley

This video was created as part of the Aging Activisms Media Capsule Workshop, co-organized by Trent University ( and ACT Concordia ( in May 2016. Our goal was to learn how to co-create a series of media capsules that record our individual histories with activism. In groups of three, we became interviewers, interviewees and photographers, as we shared our stories with each other. Over four days, we worked through a process of interviewing each other, recording these interviews, and editing these together with visuals and photographs.

Interview with Emma Langley
Interviewer: Elizabeth Vezina
Photographer: Marietta Haas-Lubelsky and Kendra Besanger
Editor: Emma Langley
Project Leadership: May Chazan & Dave Madden

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Rose Marie Whalley

Interview with Rose Marie


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Sharon Swanson

Interview with Sharon


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Kate Viscardis

Interview with Kate


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Barbara Ratzenböck

Interview with Barbara


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Joanne Sherwin

Interview with Joanne


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Christina Haralanova

Interview with Christina


From Aging Activisms

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