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Mehrangiz Monsef

Mehrangiz is currently living in Nogojiwanong (the place at the end of the rapids) with her ancestral roots in Afghanistan and Iran. Mehrangiz can’t get enough of Trent, so she is back as a student in the MASS program, looking at Youth Engagement, barriers and opportunities to overcome them, with a special focus on youth initiatives that work toward reconciliation, restoring balance, and truth telling. She is the founder and Coordinator of the Nogojiwanong Youth Solidarity Initiative, which aims to build community and understanding between Indigenous and Newcomer/Immigrant youth as they “make the connections while honoring the differences!”*, as folks come to understand their relationship/responsibility with reconciliation on Turtle Island in 2016. (*Motto for the Nogojiwanong Youth Solidarity Initiative, words borrowed from Lee Maracle).

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