PUSHBACK: A Film By Matthew Hayes about The Warming Room

June 15, 2016

Local community members Matthew Hayes and Jon Hedderwick are making a film which follows the Peterborough Warming Room’s guests as they race the coming winter in search for housing. As they describe: We're making a feature-length documentary film about poverty and homelessness in Peterborough, Ontario - a community which has had, since the 2008 recession, one of the highest rates of unemployment in Canada. We're focusing on four people from the Warming Room, a homeless shelter of last resort that runs every night from 8:30pm till 8am, during the cold winter months. The Warming Room has literally saved lives, but like similar initiatives, it's been plagued from the start by a lack of funding. It serves an essential need in Peterborough, and is our window onto the ways in which people push back against the invisible world of homelessness in Canada. 


Learn more, watch a clip, and support the film here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pushback#/






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