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  • Jessica Mercier


My breasts hold the poison of colonial and patriarchal development.

My breasts hold lead from paint in the house I grew up in.

My breasts hold the polluted air my mother breathed in, as her mother breathed in.

My breasts hold the toxic waste dumped into the oceans.

My breast can hold a lot, but not without poisoning me.

While big pharma and businesses manipulate us with run for the cure, pro intervention,

hidden voices of ecofeminists, scientists and advocates express how much my breasts need prevention.

Stop cancerous poison at the root, rather than try to treat it later,

It is my earth’s and breasts right to be healthy. It is not a favor.

We have holistic knowledges that have been silenced by destruction, at our finger tips.

Our collective voices can make a difference from our lips.

It’s our connection to natures destiny to thrive and grow free

My breasts have always held the solution inside of me.