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Connection to Climate

Please forgive us.

But why would you?

For there is no appreciation.

Only the sight of what could be, and not what is.

But what do you see?

An object or opportunity for pleasure?

Or are you immune to greed?

Endure the strength to secure her respect.

If not respect, then decency.

For the Earth is not human, but human we will always remain.

She does not need us; we are dependent on her.

Do you see what is provided? Yet you ask for more.

Take a breath, or time.

But never grasp at what’s not yours to take.

Or you may not be given mercy in return, for everything comes at a cost.

I created this poem in hopes to call out Western power dynamics, and the people who directly benefit financially from the extraction of natural resources. Contemporarily there is this societal notion that we are obligated to strip the planet of nutrients and aid in the implementation of toxic pollutants. A fraudulent exchange of resources for distortion can never be glorified when all we require is time to display the depth of our actions. Within this poem I wanted to utilize the power of rhetorical questions in the hopes to drive change from an internal place. Having people be confronted by questions directed at their own actions, I believe can be quite a powerful tool for change. Especially when it comes to climate change, actions of people in positions of power effect everyone and everything. Seeing a domino effect globally transpire must require people to sit and reflect with the current reality. As people shouldn’t be able to sit behind a desk, while they watch the repercussions of their judgements play out on screen.

If we continue forward with the same mentalities when it comes to policy making, governmental leadership, and resource dependency we will only be confronted by a brutal reality where the world we once knew is no longer here. The joy we once had will quickly dissipate if we don’t put the Earth above profit. I believe that we must be flexible moving forward about adopting a futuristic mindset. We know the past, we are living the present, but our decisions affect the future. Many people often forget that we are ancestors in the making, how we connect and build relationships with the world are going to affect future generations. How can it be sustainable if we prioritize destruction and temporary wealth over the health and wellbeing of entire ecosystems? We all must have a change of heart.


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