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On June 17th, a group of folks from Nogojiwanong/Peterborough travelled to Ottawa to join in on a sacred walk to protect the Algonquin Sacred Site, Akikodjiwan, at the Chaudiere Falls and islands right behind Parliament.

From the event page: "This will be a beautiful and colourful walk to protect Canada's Sacred Meeting Place from development and destruction. It will be history-in-the-making as we walk with Grandmothers, Elders and special guests, the *Cree Youth Walkers from the Journey of Nishiyuuin* in peace and prayer. It is time to act honourably .........and time for reconciliation."

Learn more at It Is Sacred, or read the write-up from their website below, or watch this short video about the walk.

June 17th: Spiritual Algonquin Grandmothers invite all Nations, people & Inter-Faith communities to a massive sacred walk with our special guests, the Cree Youth Walkers from the Journey of Nishiyuu. They return to the Sacred Site in Ottawa at Asinabka -Chaudière Falls, Victoria Island and surrounding islands and land in support. The site is also known as Akikodjiwan.

The Oka crisis was over a sacred site.

The Ipperwash tragedy was over a sacred site.

Governments spent 73 million to study both tragedies and carve out a solid respectful path for the country to follow in order to prevent future tragedies when addressing the matter of sacred sites. We call upon all levels of governments to review these important reports and to follow their sound recommendations.

We are the Algonquin and Traditional Grandmothers & Elders and we call on the Canadian Government to declare this site sacred.

We also call upon all Nations, all Inter-faith groups and all citizens to join us in a massive sacred walk on June 17th on the annual weekend Pow Wow in Ottawa. Come honour in peace and unity our Sacred Site.

This is a precious International Sacred Site of paramount importance to all nations & people and we will protect it, peacefully.

We are called upon to see this through.

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