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A Second Look

The Activists and Activisms course has allowed me to see that there are many different forms of activism. The course material gave me a better understanding of the lived experiences of others. For my blog post I decide to write a poem and I initially felt intimidated because I wondered if my words are really poetry. However, I believe that many things we say are poetry in one way or another. The poem looks at the way we often judge others from a single glance. Our perception of people come from preconceived notions that have become normalized in society and perpetuate racism in subtle ways. The poem illustrates some of the negative assumptions that we often make about people because of race, culture, socioeconomic status, and gender.

A Second Look

I see that young Black man in the sagging pants; a second look I see he is a doctor with a book in. hand.

I see that rich lady smiling; a second look I see she has covered the scars hidden beneath.

I see the taxi driver; a second look I see he has a degree.

I see the Indigenous man asleep; a second look I see the hard-working man not the drunk they want us to see.

I see the homeless girl begging; a second look I see she ran away not wanting to be touched this is how it must be.

I see that Black man the cop stopped again; a second look I see he is not lawbreaking but a lawyer in the making.

I see the White woman stealing; a second look I see no money to eat oh let her be.

I see an Asian immigrant; a second look I see he was born here not in the motherland like me.

I see the Black mother’s child has been taken; a second look I see a good mother but just another culture maybe this should not be.

I see the White man screaming; a second look I see he just needs his medication not forsaking.

I see, I see, but what if that was me.

I believe that a form of activism is to constantly reflect on the way in which we make assumptions about people. We need to acknowledge our privilege and recognize those that many do not have it. Taking a second look when we encounter people may allow us to look beyond those imaginary walls that exist and get a better view of what lived experiences a person may have. A second look and we may see our similarities and have a greater respect for the differences.


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