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she stands here to fight

To fight for her people

To fight for the voiceless

To fight for those who have been silenced

she fights for the BIPOC community

She fights for justice and rights

she fights for equality

She fights for coexistence

She fights for a better society

I wrote this at 4 in the morning, staring out my window looking at the peaceful Arabian gulf. So many thoughts came into my head accompanied by a rush of emotions. The racial discrimination and prejudice against the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) community has been an ongoing social justice issue. This topic is close to my heart, because I am an Arab and muslim woman who came to Canada for a better future. So when I hear and see the many stories about the injustices done to people whom I feel belonging to; It makes me want to stand up and fight, not only for myself but for a community. Nevertheless, I have always been into activism and standing up for what is right, however, living in the Middle East did not really give me the chances or opportunities to fully express myself and my opinions. This course gave me this opportunity to understand what activism really is and how I can turn it into a positive thing and tackle the negativity and stereotypes that come with society’s ideas of activisms.

Furthermore, I hope to achieve with my poem/ piece of writing that women have been warriors from time. And that women can fight for equality and for coexistence. It is also to showcase to the world and to the people who have been brainwashed my western ideologies that regardless of what colonizers have drilled into their minds about the stereotype of Arabs/ muslims being terrorists, black people being dangerous and filthy animals, Indigenous people not having any rights, etc. And regardless of all the chaos and violence going on, that there are people specifically women out there who will be there and willing to advocate and stand in solidarity with those who have experienced racial or religious discrimination, stereotyping, and racism. There are people who will fight for those who have been shackled and silenced. There are people who will do whatever it takes to be an activist. All in all, this course WMST-4122 has taught me that you do not have to be physically there to perform activism but that there is more than one way of being an activist and doing activisms.

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