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Grandmother, Waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy

Waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy recently recorded her poem Grandmother with Mohawk poet and producer Janet Rogers (find her incredible work here and here). We will be bringing this recording with us to share at the European Network in Aging Studies conference this spring.

Waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy is Anishinaabe of mixed ancestry from Lac Seul First Nation and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. She is a mother, an Anishinaabe language learner, and is actively engaged in learning about sustenance land-based practices in her Anishinaabe homelands. Waaseyaa'sin has won awards for poetry, short story (fiction), and academic writing. She is the blog-author of "Anishinaabewiziwin" and a lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Victoria. Her Ph.D. research examines historical and Anishinaabe knowledges about womyn's relationship with the sugar bush and theorizes this for a contemporary and future practice of land (re)matriation.

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