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April 27-30th 2017 | Aging Activisms Panel at ENAS Conference

Aging Activisms facilitated a panel and the European Network in Aging Studies Conference in Graz, Austria this April! The panel is entitled Aging Activisms: Critical Reflections on Activist Aging Research from Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and is facilitated by May Chazan. The panel features the following presentations by Aging Activisms collaborators and contributors:

Melissa Baldwin & May Chazan: Activisms Now and Still: Women's Activisms in the 'Apolitical' Years

Waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy: Unsettling Aging and Activism: Reflecting on "Grandmother"

Marlene Goldman: Performance and Bodies: Sexperts versus the Raging Grannies

Gabriela Aceves: Being Remembered: Activist Archiving and the Feminist Movement in Mexico

Check out two of the media pieces we shared: Geriatric Sexpot and Grandmother.

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Aging Activisms is a program of activist research, academic mentorship, and intergenerational community-building led by
Dr. May Chazan, Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Gender and Feminist Studies at Trent University.

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