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Aging Activisms Summer Updates

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Hello Aging Activisms collaborators and friends!

As we move into mid-summer and begin to prepare for the September term, we have some exiting news and updates to share with you. We have new research announcements, welcomes for new researchers, and updates about our future directions as a research collective. Read on for more!


Welcome Anisah and Heidi!

We are thrilled to welcome on board two new researchers: Anisah Madden and Heidi Burns. Anisah recently completed her undergraduate degree in International Development Studies at Trent, and she is stepping into the role of Aging Activisms Intern. Heidi is an MA Candidate in Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies at Trent, and will also be the new Graduate Research Assistant with our team as of September. Welcome to these two talented scholar-activists! We would also like to take a moment to thank Maddy Macnab for her contributions to Aging Activisms. Maddy is about to complete her MA and make the move to the big city, but you will likely still see her around our events from time to time. (For your information, Melissa Baldwin, Tessa Nasca, and Emma Langley remain on the scene!)