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Our book is in the world! Celebrate with us in Nogojiwanong on October 27th, 2-4pm.

We are thrilled to say that copies of our latest book - Unsettling Activisms: Critical Interventions on Aging, Gender, and Social Change - (co-edited by May Chazan, Melissa Baldwin and Patricia Evans), is now available.

Unsettling Activisms has been in the works since late 2015. The project has entailed ongoing storytelling and relationship-building, poetry, life writing, orality, photography, performance, and research – all with the aim of challenging and extending dominant ways of understanding both activisms and aging. We have worked hard to weave together academic, activist, and artistic contributions, to push the boundaries of what is typically included in a text of this kind, and to practice a meaningful, radical, and accountable intergenerationality along the way.

Almost three years later, here’s what some are saying about it:

“In an era where recent political changes have led to a dramatic resurfacing of racism, sexism, and heteronormativism, and a dangerous backslide regarding human rights issues, this volume edited by Chazan, Baldwin, and Evans is more than just timely, it is critically important. The brilliant exploration of activism and aging, in many contexts and at many points in the life cycle, provides hope and inspiration for those of us who continue to struggle on the ground, at the front lines, or in the trenches. As mother and grandmother activists we feel this volume is a must read!” —Jeannette Corbiere-Lavell, Wikwemikong First Nation, activist and Member of the Order of Canada, and Dawn Lavell-Harvard, Wikwemikong First Nation, Director of the First Peoples House of Learning, Trent University

“Poetry, portraiture, life writing, and interviews edged in critical discourse intersect across race, gender, culture, and body in this beautifully constructed anthology. Unsettling Activisms does exactly what the title suggests, shaking our concepts of both aging and activism through the exploration of sexuality, community, family, and culture. With the ‘politics of connection’ and the inclusion of Indigeneity, this text can be used across academic disciplines and fields. Its accessibility and structure, however, allow the book to move outside academia into living rooms, community libraries, and reading groups, giving insight into the power of the aging voice in the process.” —Tasha Beeds, Minweyweywigaan Midewiwin Lodge Member, Assistant Professor in Indigenous Literatures, Department of English, University of Saskatchewan

PLEASE JOIN US FOR A BOOK LAUNCH & CELEBRATION in Nogojiwanong (Peterborough), on October 27th from 2-4pm, in Bagnani Hall (Traill College, 310 London St.). All are welcome! We will celebrate together with an afternoon of subversive poetry and performance, and delicious snacks. Will have discounted books for sale too. All royalties will go to the Peterborough Sacred Water Circle. Find the facebook event here.

Enormous gratitude to all involved – both on and off page – and to Women's Press (Canadian Scholars Press) for helping to bring this book into the world! Thanks to Jenn Cole for gracing the book's cover with her brilliant work. And to those whose words and works grace the 270 pages: Gabriela Aceves, Mary Anne Ansley, Ziysah von Bieberstein, Nadine Changfoot, Sally Chivers, Jenn Cole, Andrea Dodsworth, Peggy Edwards, Marlene Goldman, Jean Koning, Constance Lafontaine, Niambi Leigh, Keara Lightning, Maddy Macnab, Laura Madokoro, Monique Mojica, Maureen Murphy, Carole Roy, Kim Sawchuk, Sadeqa Siddiqui, Ruth Steinberg, Sharon Swanson, waaseyaa'sin christine sy, Jesse Whattam, and Shirley Ida Eliza Williams; including collaborative voices from Anne Caines, Abi Myerscough, Gillian Sandeman, Elizabeth Vezina, and Rose Marie Whalley.


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