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Anti-Oppression Freeschool: The Classism and Poverty Edition | December 6-7, 2019

The first workshop session of the Anti-Oppression Freeschool, will be taking place on December 6-7, 2019, at Sadleir House (751 George St. N). Find the event information here, or read more below. The Anti-Oppression Freeschool is a community education series hosted by Food Not Bombs, in partnership with Aging Activisms and the Peterborough Independent Podcasters, and endorsed by a number of other community groups and organizations.

"This December, instead of getting caught up in all the language and actions of 'charity' towards the poor.... let's work together to learn more about the complexities, intersectionalities, lived experiences and needs of low income people. Let's work to acknowledge, understand and begin the work, in our community and in our hearts, of dismantling systemic classism and poor-bashing . Because we all have a lot to learn about: Intersectional Anti-Oppression and Poverty/Classism Indigeneity and Poverty/Classism Racialization and Poverty/Classism Migration and Poverty/Classism Ableism and Poverty/Classism Sexism and Gender Based Oppression and Poverty/Classism Sexual orientation and Poverty/Classism Power, Privilege and Poverty/Classism Addiction and Poverty/Classim Mental Health Struggle and Poverty/Classism Art and Poverty/Classism Self love/ Self care and Poverty/Classism Community Organizing/Solidarity Building and Poverty/Classism .....and we all have a lot to teach. (Submissions to share a workshop/playshop for this month's freeschool must be sent to by Saturday, November 30th at the very, very latest. More details about specific speakers, activities, workshops, learning opportunities and times to follow. **************************************************** What is the Anti-Oppression Freeschool? The idea is to build movements that collaborates towards widespread grassrooteducation and capacity building. We want to draw out and bring to the table all of the teachers and teachings and skills that exist in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong and invite all community members to think about what they could offer as teachings. We want to inventory the resources, knowledge and skill that exist here and also asses and determine what skill sets, knowledge sets and resources we need that we might need to invite others from outside of our community in to share with us. The hope is that over the next months, we can come together regularly to build strong and true relationships and commitments that are deeply rooted in anti-colonial, intersectional and anti-oppressive understandings and approaches. The dream is to bring together social, economic, environmental and cultural movements, to train and learn together, to identify the ways in which forms of oppression intersect and embolden each other, to solidify commitments of solidarity and to work collectively towards understanding and uprooting the interconnected ideologies and barriers that inhibit justice, equity, equality and dignity. We want work together and get the skills and knowledge that we need to have- as individuals, families, workplaces, community organizations and society as a whole to acknowledge, understand, re-evaluate, unlearn, disrupt and transform cycles of oppression while developing meaningful strategies for engaging in recognition, reconciliation, reparation, restitution, relational repair and restoration of dignity, freedom and justice for all. email with any inquiries"

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