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A good time for knitting

Creating has always been my way of calming myself, and processing emotions, and understanding myself and the environments that I'm a part of. Unsurprisingly then, creating is what I find myself doing most in these worrisome, confusing, and uncertain times. I love knitting, because I believe the threads and stitches hold memory. Knitting felt the most appropriate choice for right now, because it's my way of recording the stories that are in my body and that are unfolding around me. Even better, my knitting will become a sweater, full of stories, feelings, and lessons, that will keep someone warm in cold seasons. When my body has had enough knitting for one day, I love to illustrate silly and wholesome scenes, blending the human and the non-human in weird ways. The carrot image is one I dreamt up a while ago that today serves as a reminder, that staying home, listening to the clock tick, drinking tea in a good comfy chair, resting, can be a radical and resistant act.

- Jillian Ackert, Aging Activisms research assistant & local artist

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