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Life with rainbows

Synopsis: In this film, a girl explains how her life works with two moms.

Password: rainbowlife

Discussion questions and activities below!

Discussion Questions (pick three) 1. Who is in your family? 2. Who are your friends? 3. What does each family member love to do? 4. What are your favourite things to do with your friends? What can you still do with them while we’re in isolation? 5. Why do you think Elena asks, “Is it though, is it really though?” after another character says that it is “impossible to have two moms,”? How do you think Elena is feeling when she asks? 6. How can you learn about different family experiences without asking the kids in each kind of family? 7. Does anyone tease you for who is in your family or who your friends are? How do you respond? 8. Why do you think people tease others for who are in their families? 9. Can you name all of the different kind of images used in Elena’s film? For example, drawings, live video, photos... 10. What digital media do you know how to use and what would you like to learn? Activities (pick one) 1. Draw a picture of your family. Show in the picture what each person loves to do. 2. What things does your friend do that you like about them? Write them down, or draw them, or record them, and send them to your friend. 3. Build the perfect home for you and your family with leggo or on minecraft. 4. What is your response to people who tease others because of their family or friends? Respond by writing a letter, or drawing a picture, or making a comic book, or making a podcast, or making a video. 5. With your parents’ permission and supervision, find a youtube video tutorial that teaches you how to use a digital medium (messenger kids, imovie, garage band, tick tock, windows movie maker, Instagram, discord, audacity, etc.) and try to learn the medium.

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