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Kid creations: Legopo Radio Show episode 1

Hi, I'm Marvin. While I'm self-isolating, I've been building a lot of Lego. Here are some of the creations I've come up with: shabbat candles that I took to my friend who is in a long-term care home; a helicopter that has a computer that can go up and down; and several buildings.

I also started a radio show called Legopo Radio Show. You can listen to the first episode here. First, I tell you a joke while you get a pen and paper. Then, I tell you the materials you will need. While you get the bricks you need, my special guest Norah recites a poem. Then I walk you through the steps of how to build the shabbat candles. After that I play a song and have an inspiring lego chat with my friend Ewan. Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think on my page - Legopo Radio Show.

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