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#MeToo Movement

Content Warning: This blog post mentions sexual violence, assault, and harassment.

I created this college with words that help to describe the #MeToo movement. When considering this social movement, I was able to form thirty different words and phrases to describe this movement. The #MeToo movement is a social justice movement that acknowledges sexual assault and harassment against women. Through the piece of art that I created; I hope to achieve activism through the words I use. I want to acknowledge that sexual violence against women is a major concern that needs to be recognized throughout society. Several individuals suffer from sexual violence encounters; however, many instances go unreported because of fear.

This word college acknowledges different aspects of women’s experiences with sexual assault and harassment. It acknowledges that the #MeToo movement is about women, violence, assault, harassment, abuse, and victims. However, it also acknowledges that the #MeToo movement was created as a way for women to march with strong and powerful survivors that want to achieve justice for their experiences. I chose this form of activism because I believe that it shows individuals both sides of the terrible experiences that women have faced. It acknowledges that legislation and policies have been created to reduce the occurrence of sexual violence throughout our society, but that further action needs to be taken.

As a young woman, myself, I often find myself in fear of walking down the road alone. I fear that someone is always behind me, and if someone is behind me, I fear that I could be a target of sexual assault or harassment. This is something that no individual should ever have to fear, we should feel safe within our own society. I chose this movement to acknowledge the challenges that women experience daily, as a way for other individuals to become activists for this social justice issue. Individuals need to be further educated about this major social justice issue that is affecting women, but also several other individuals with different intersections. In this word college, I highlighted a few important terms that I believe need to be acknowledged. I highlighted equality, activism, and justice to acknowledge that something needs to be done to decrease the rates of reported sexual assaults and harassment. I also highlighted education and public to acknowledge that individuals need to be further educated on this issue to be able to bring their concerns forward to the public, which will help to create change. Lastly, I highlighted the term survivor because so many individuals are victims and survivors of sexual assault and harassment. Although, many of those individuals never report their situations because of fear and shame of being treated differently. It is important to acknowledge the survivors, along with their strength and power to be able to discuss their experiences with the public, coming forward to create justice for themselves and for society as a whole.


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