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Performing (in) Place: Moving on/with the Land, co-edited by Jenn Cole and Melissa Poll

We are thrilled to share this beautiful, immersive, and compelling issue of Performance Matters, Performing (in) Place: Moving on/with the Land, which was co-edited by Jenn Cole, our Creative Director, and Melissa Poll. Read Jenn's notice about the issue below, and find the full issue here.

Image Caption: Frame grab from l i s t e n (2020), by Leah Decter. Image description: Five side-by-side vertical images of a river in winter at different parts of the day. Bare tree branches reach over the water, golden-hour sunlight shimmers off the river, and glittering chunks of ice peek out above the water's surface.

"We’re delighted to announce that our co-edited issue of Performance Matters, Vol. 7 No. 1-2 (2021): Performing (in) Place: Moving on/with the Land, is now live.

"This special double issue features works that reflect on “walking” (or moving) practices that have been enacted in recognition of contributors' relationships to the ancestral Indigenous lands and territories they occupy, arrive to, or originate from. We are honoured to feature work from Nazli Akhtari, Leah Decter, Alana Gerecke, Elan Marchinko, Emma Morgan-Thorp, Cara Mumford, Jimena Ortuzar, and Ken Wilson. We are also grateful to the contributors to the “Moving Together to Reclaim and Resist” podcast (Alana Gerecke, Elan Marchinko, Jill Carter, Julie Burelle, Kelsey Blair, Ken Wilson, Kimberly Richards, Virginie Magnat, Selena Couture) and Alana Gerecke’s Dancing With Land: An Asynchronous Artist Panel (Michelle Olson, Julie Lebel, Olivia C. Davies, OURO Collective, Lee Su-Feh).

"We invite you to take in the many media in this issue as you see fit; move with us on the land while you stream the introduction or the podcast; experience Leah Decter’s l i s t e n in the woods or near water; or curl up with a cup as you sample the smart and poignant reflections on land recognition within."


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