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Women's Rights are Human Rights

Throughout this course, I have understood better what an activist looks like, what it means to be an activist in today’s society, and the considerable role activism plays in my life. For this blog, it was difficult to pinpoint just one social justice issue I care about; however, after reflecting throughout the course, it would be missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. We focused on indigenous storytelling, decolonizing through art/ literature, solidary, and activism throughout the course. I created a story template for social media; the goal is to create awareness of how colonialization continues to impact indigenous women, families, and communities in Canada.

Through my story template, I hope to achieve awareness and how Canadian society can put the 'calls for justice' from the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls report into action and create change. On the template, ten red dresses represent the 100,00 women and girls murdered in 2021, emphasizing the importance of action for indigenous women. The ways to achieve change and action are through speaking out about violence against indigenous women and girls, decolonizing society, and learning about Canadian history in your local area. As well as reading and using the recourses to become a strong ally, such as being an ally and showing support during national holidays such as May 5th for national missing and murdered indigenous women and girls day, September 30th for the national day for truth and reconciliation, and national indigenous day on June 21st. Lastly, a way to create action is by holding all governments accountable for the calls for justice.


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