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February 16-17 2017 | Aging/Disability Nexus Symposium

On February 16-17, May will be participating in the Aging/Disability Nexus Symposium. She will present a talk titled, “Aging and disability in the context of AIDS: Reflections from community-based research with older women in South Africa."

More about the Aging/Disability Nexus project:

"The overall goal of the Aging/Disability Symposium is to bring together leading and emerging scholars in disability studies and cultural gerontology/critical aging studies to consider the empirical, theoretical, and methodological overlaps of these fields. This event will help to develop new perspectives and create opportunities for policy and curricular advancement.

"The event will include presentations by scholars from Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Malta and South Africa. The program will feature two keynote events that will be live-streamed and will include American Sign Language interpretation to facilitate accessibility and the inclusion of participants who are unable to attend in person. Our symposium will culminate with a facilitated conversation between feminist disability scholar Dr. Alison Kafer (Professor of Feminist Studies, Southwestern University) and aging studies scholar Dr. Ruth Bartlett (Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton)."

Find the project HERE.

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